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News for The e-Freight Single Window
    5 December 2011 - The e-Freight Next Generation Single Window prototype has been released for deployment and evaluation in Latvia.

The e-Freight Next Generation Single Window is a major stepping stone for reaching key EU policy objectives not directly related to e-Freight but facilitating co-operation between industry and authorities  in  achieving  “a low-carbon, resource-efficient and competitive transport system based on modernised transport networks”.

 A report on this development has been published and can be freely downloaded.

The report first introduces the topic of single windows with an overview of the background and context from EU and international regulatory and policy perspectives. Current single window initiatives are reviewed and the current regulatory environment and reporting practices in different modes and Member States are analysed.

A number of challenges and requirements are identified for the NSW, for which a selection of solutions is presented. Prototypes and demonstrators which were implemented throughout the task are explained and the feedback from each demonstrator is discussed. Each solution is evaluated in turn, leading to the development and refinement of the proposed “next generation” concept.

The final e-Freight Next Generation Single Window concept consists of a multimodal National Single Window (NSW) deployed in each Member State and supported by a number of central EU services. In turn, the NSW system consists of two applications:

·         the Common Reporting Gateway provides a common interface for businesses to report all regulatory information in a standardised format, regardless of mode or country

·         the Information Exchange facilitates the distribution and sharing of information between Authorities within and across Member States, and with EU level systems

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