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News for White paper for transport 2011
    7 July 2011 - ESPO Sees Port Infrastructure Investments as Priority for White Paper Implementation
The White Paper sets out a policy vision with objectives reaching until 2050. Unlike previous editions, this White Paper recognises that mobility and transport will continue to grow and that this growth is necessary for the sustainable development of Europe. “ESPO  welcome this realistic mindset”, said ESPO Secretary General Patrick Verhoeven, “To support the expected transport growth, infrastructure requirements need to be anticipated well in time and accompanied by more efficient planning regimes and procedures. This is particularly true for investments in ports and hinterland connections. We therefore urge the Commission to ensure that all core seaports are connected to rail freight and, where applicable, inland waterway systems well before the 2050 target set out in the White Paper. The Commission should also ensure that Member States effectively implement the TEN-T core network and provide sufficient national funding for the development of core priorities.”
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