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News for Classicication Societies related EU regulations
    30 August 2011 - EMEC interrview

Integrated and Harmonised Legislation: EMEC believes in promoting coherent public intervention at regional, national and international levels. EMEC is also ensuring that equipment suppliers and classification societies develop a fruitful cooperation on the implementation of Article 10 of the EU Class Regulation (Regulation (EC) 391/2009). The said provision requires classification societies (when acting as recognised organisations) to cooperate with a view to reach harmonisation of standards and define the conditions for the introduction of mutual recognition of certificates. The involvement of equipment suppliers in the process is indispensable since they are a main user of certification services provided by recognised organization although the beneficial effects are for the entire maritime industry and primarily the shipowners. EMEC is also promoting maritime governance and the need for an integration of maritime polices. Better governance of marine energy resources, reduction of green house gas emissions linked to maritime transport and investments in R&D can stimulate a green economy for the benefit of the European maritime community.

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