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ADVISE - Advanced Video Surveillance archives search Engine for security applications
ADVISE is a 36 month research project, starting on 2012-03-01, co-funded by the FP7-Security Workprogramme of the European Commission, aimed at designing and developing a unification framework for surveillance-footage archive systems
In a world of heightened vandalism and terrorist activity, video surveillance forms an integral part of any incident investigation. Despite the best efforts of criminals to conceal their activities, they often end-up leaving long trails of evidence especially when using public grounds. These trails are captured and recorded by various surveillance systems. In an effort to collect evidence, investigators often turn to surveillance video recorded by cameras during various monitoring activities.

However, in many cases it is far from obvious how to select the cameras that might have captured the suspects’ trails, while establishing interoperability between these surveillance systems has been an on-going challenge as these systems may follow different internal configurations (e.g. encoding & compression standards). More importantly, the archives may be owned and controlled by different authorities, which may be subject to different privacy and legacy rules.

In order for such an investigation to be successful, it is important to effectively uncover the trails and the association between suspects that can lead to the identification of accurate incriminating evidence. In this case, the investigators should be in a position of having access to all this footage and the means to perform sophisticated searches on the video archives in order to find the associated incriminating frames.

The ADVISE project aims at design and develop a unification framework for surveillance-footage archive systems. The ADVISE results will ease the work of law enforcement authorities in their fight against crime and terrorism, through negotiation of all relevant legal, ethical and privacy constraints, and through location based video archive selection and efficient evidence mining of multiple, heterogeneous video archives.

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