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   Sensor technology combined RFID to monitor shipments and transport units


Sensor technology combined RFID to monitor shipments and transport units

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Permala, Scholliers

This study contains a review on active and passive RFID based sensor technology and solutions. Main focus is in automated sensing, controlling and locating system for fleet, including wireless sensors, databases and user interfaces. Sensor capability has been added to semi-passive and active tags but they are not yet widespread. The most common RFID sensor is a temperature sensor. ZigBee is a technology which is widely used for low power sensor networks. An electronic seal, which is attached to the door of the container, allows verify the integrity of containers. The electronic seal can either be disposable or reusable. The electronic part is based on RFID. Smart containers consist of sensors and communication possibilities which are built into a container, so that a control centre can track in real-time or at regular time intervals the status and integrity of the container during transport.

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