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   Drivers for the deployment of RFID (technological and cost advancements)



D2 4 3 2 Drivers for the deployment of RFID Draft 8 June 2009.pdf
D2 4 3 2 Drivers for the deployment of RFID Draft 8 June 2009.pdf


The study analyses key drivers for the deployment of RFID, including technology and software developments, costs and benefits in the supply chain such as increased visibility and transparency demands. Retailing is at the moment a key development environment for testing and implementing RFID automated identification. Technology push and hype, as well as market pull will be discussed.

With real-time information, combined with planning information organizations can improve the efficiency of their logistics processes, lower their operational costs and improve their portfolio of logistics services. The greatest benefits of RFID identification are the real time tracking and tracing of goods which means better visibility and automation and improvement of processes

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