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Markus Porthin, Robin Berglund and Lauri Seitsonen
In May 2010 the International Maritime Organization approved 17 AIS Application-Specific Messages (ASM) for international use. To facilitate and speed up the process of taking them into operational use, VTT together with the Baltic Sea Action Group and IBM, set up a project with the aim of implementing software to be used on board ships providing a User interface for utilising a subset of the new messages. To achieve the objectives, the software should be available free of charge and easy to take into use. Thus, development of the software called AIS+ started from existing Open Source software to which a user interface for ASMs was implemented. Preliminary versions were installed on trial ships and the implementation was continued based on user feedback. Connecting a PC with dedicated software to the AIS transponder proved to be a practical solution to enhance AIS messaging. Some user feedback has been obtained, and more extensive testing
periods are planned, but the implementation of the full set of messages is pending on funding decisions.
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