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   Case Study: Sustainable Intermodal Transport Services on the Atlantic Arc


Sustainable Intermodal Transport Services on the Atlantic Arc

D2.3.3.5 Skema Case Study_Atlantic Arc_NECL&AT_25Sept09.pdf
D2.3.3.5 Skema Case Study_Atlantic Arc_NECL&AT_25Sept09.pdf

Nautical Enterprise Centre Ltd., Acciona Trasmediterranea

The purpose of the study is to devise a unified approach to establishing sustainable intermodal transport services, using case-studies along the Atlantic Arc as a back-drop.


Within the Atlantic Arc, Ireland is taken as a special case because of its geographical and historical isolation from Mainland Europe. Using the concept of ‘normalised trade’, which is taken to be the expected trade flows between a state and its proximate states based on relative GDPs, it is found that trade flows between Ireland and France and the Iberian states are considerably less than what might be considered to be ‘normal’. This study examines the trade potential available between these countries and the influence this may have on the setting up of new services.


The study examines the factors necessary to establish an intermodal network solution for the benefit of all participants in intermodal transport. This involves a detailed analysis of the legal, commercial and operational capabilities required to ensure the effective operation of the network. The study also considers the financial support strategies available for setting up new services. The Appendices which are attached outline the Top-20 Imports & Exports between Ireland and France & Spain. Three potential services along the Atlantic Arc are also investigated.

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   Glossary Terms


Ecobonus Initiative
Ecobonus is an initiative of the Italian Government which provides economic reimbursement for hauliers that use sea transport as part of their journey.
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Normalised Trades
Normalised Trades can be described as the trade flows that may be expected between a reference state and its proximate states on the basis of the GDPs of the proximate states and the total trade flows from the reference state. The normalised trades can be used to estimate trade potentials and potential trade gaps.
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Strategic Alliance
A strategic alliance is a formal relationship between a number of organisations to pursue agreed goals or to realise a specified business opportunity whilst the organisations retain their independence. A joint venture, in which firms create a legally independent company, is the most formal type of strategic alliance.
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