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   EU CSR Policy in a Maritime Context


EU CSR-policy, the case of shipping: A global frontrunner whilst a CSR laggard

EU CSRpolicy in a Maritime context OL_1Apr11.pdf

Jan Skovgaard, Copenhagen Business School

The shipping industry is a global frontrunner whilst a CSR laggard. Explanations for this may be the global and highly Business to Business (B2B) orientation in the shipping industry. This report examines whether an initiative from the Danish government concerning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been able to embrace the shipping industry and whether this amendment is suitable to be implemented in EU shipping policy. The policies in question are the EU Maritime policy and the policy regarding CSR, both with a point of departure from the Lisbon Strategy. Furthermore, the Danish policy regarding CSR is included.

To respond to the query, a comparative study of the ten largest non-shipping companies and the ten largest shipping companies in Denmark was conducted. The EU policies on CSR were reviewed. The paper concludes that:
    I)             The Danish initiative has indeed had an effect on the shipping
II)           The EU can adopt the Danish amendment to the annual financial
              statements act without conflicting with the voluntariness of CSR;
    III)         The EU will be twisting the levelness of the global playing field but in 
              the advantage of the countries of the European Union.

The report underpins the need for further research in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and Shipping.

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