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Port Related Training

D2.2.3.2 Port Related Training NECL 18Mar09.pdf
D2.2.3.2 Port Related Training NECL 18Mar09.pdf

Gerry Trant, James Keogh, Nautical Enterprise Centre Ltd.

Taking into account the historic work practices in port and shipping operations, the study examines the need for determining the training requirements of port and terminal personnel, with a special emphasis on Dublin Port, the training programmes that can meet these requirements, the means of implementing the training programmes and the benefits to the individuals, to the port and to the industry.

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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is a permanent intergovernmental body established within the General Assembly of the United Nations responsible for trade, investment, and development issues. UNCTAD’s goals are to maximize the trade, investment and development opportunities of developing countries and assist them in their efforts to integrate into the world economy on an equitable basis. The creation of the conference was based on concerns of developing countries over the international market, multi-national corporations, and great disparity between developed nations and developing nations. UNCTAD also has responsibility in relation to international trade and commodities, globalisation and development, investment and enterprise, technology and logistics. In the context of maritime matters, UNCTAD publishes its “Review of Maritime Transport” published annually since 1968. It reports on the worldwide evolution of shipping, ports and multimodal transport related to the major traffics of liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers.
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