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   Port market developments and strategies


Port market developments and strategies

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Hilde Meersman, Eddy van de Voorde, Thierry Vanelslander (Department of Transport and Regional Economics, University of Antwerp)

The aim of this study is to identify and analyze a number of critical issues in the port and maritime business for the future decades. It is clear that the sector is facing a number of big challenges, emanating from worldwide economic changes, social evolutions and environmental awareness. These changes stem from inside as well as from outside the sector. It is important to get grip on what these changing characteristics are, how structural they are, how important their impact is, and what factors are causing or triggering them.

Research in the frame of this paper has led to six future key issues:

·          The changing relationship between maritime and port activity and international trade

·          The role of actor strategies and interests in port competitiveness

·          The increasing stress on port hinterland connections

·          The growing interconnection and integration of maritime and port-related companies

·          Concessions as remaining port authority tools

·          Increasing opportunities and potential of inter-port co-operation


These different topics are elaborated in the subsequent sections of this report.

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