Technology Assessment

   Visibility within supply chains
  Practical examples and experiences of visibility systems deployments
D2 4 3 4 RFID Examples Draft 8 June 2009.pdf
D2.4.3.4 Practical examples and experiences of visibility systems deployme...

A Permala, J Scholliers
This study shows different types of cases on technologies deployed to improve visibility
and operational risk management within supply chains:
- Pallet case Metro France. The pallet level is the easiest start up, especially in closed
loops. Standardised solutions are already available. EPCglobal is leading the
development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to
support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
- ISO container cases Metro, DoD. Containers are potential targets for RFID
identification but there is still a lot of barries for global solutions.
- Non ISO container case SECU
- Temperature measurements with active RFID case Controlmatic
- EPCGlobal and SMART-CM cases demonstrate how organizations can exchange
real time event data and track shipments from the third party logistics provider. Also
customs authorities will have real-time access to information about products and
shipments as they travel along the supply chain.
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