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Developments associated with the notion of co-modality (optimal use of all modes of transport singly and in combination) are aimed  to reshape the EU transport market as is currently known. However, this implies that the stakeholders will need to develop a deeper knowledge of the transportation corridors and to exploit technical frameworks enabling transport operators, shippers/ freight forwarders, customs and other government administrations to seamlessly exchange information.

According to EIRAC’S  Strategic Intermodal Research Agenda 2020, the intermodal transport system needs to be:

      Seamless: barriers of modal exchange at nodes are minimised

      Reliable : deliveries are punctual and commodities are undamaged

      Available : door to door services are provided 24X7, and Europe-wide

      Accessible : customers deal with one stop shops / single entry points

      Secure: commodities get into the hands of those entitled to receive them, and no intrusions are possible;

      Sustainable : built to last and strikes the right balance between the cost to the customer and achieving the overall objectives of society

      Accountable : customers have a contract with one party responsible for performance during transport

      Affordable : intermodal transport is in the position to offer competitive prices to customers and sufficient profits to operators and investors

      Transparent : all stakeholders understand the relation between public costs and market prices (per infra / slot / facility / commodity).

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