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  Strategic Appraisal of environmental risks - a contrast between the UK's Stern review and its Committee on Radioactive Waste Management.pdf
Simon Dietz and Alec Morton
This paper compares two high-profile strategic policy reviews undertaken for the UK government on environmental risks: radioactive waste management and climate change as they took very different forms, both in terms of analytic approach and deliberation strategy. The authors ask why these reviews were so different. They conclude that the differences were mainly due to political context rather than the underpinning science.
Policy Paper - Action and ambition for a global deal.pdf
Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy
The report sets out an assessment of national positions on emission reduction targets and actions.
External Costs of Transport in CEE.pdf
Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis.pdf
Giles Atkinson and Susana Mourato
The study makes a thorough analysis of applied methods for an economic appraisal of policies and projects that aim to improve the provision of environmental services or actions that might affect the environment.
COM(08) 433 Greening Transport.pdf
European Commission
This Communication is putting forward two different types of initiatives to redouble the efforts to make transport greener and more sustainable.
COM(08) 435 Strategy for internalisation of external costs.pdf
European Commission
The internalisation of external costs is part of a package of initiatives intended to make transport more sustainable.
Economics of Climate Change_Executive_Summary.pdf
N. Stern
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