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Although there is widespread recognition of the potential of ports as logistics centres, widely accepted performance measurements for such centres have yet to be developed. The essence of logistics and supply chain management is an integrative approach to the interaction of different processes and functions within a firm extended to a network of organizations for the purpose of cost reduction and customer satisfaction. The logistics approach often adopts a cost trade-off analysis between functions, processes and even supply chains. This approach could be beneficial to port efficiency by directing port strategy towards relevant value-added logistics activities. This paper seeks to show that through conceptualizing ports from a logistics and supply chain management approach, it is possible to suggest a relevant framework of port performance. A proposed framework is tested in a survey of port managers and other international experts.
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Calvert Group
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Henrik Gudmundsson, Denmark
To measure whether the transportation systems become more or less sustainable, or if the transportation policies are helping to achieve these goals, the demand for indicators increased significantly. This report aimed to study: (1) how performance planning requirements in the US and Canada work in general; (2) to what extent performance planning serves as an instrument to integrate environmental and sustainability goals in transportation decision making; (3) which kind of indicators are used to measure the environmental performance and sustainability of transportation in the North America.
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