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Evaluation of past policies (Ch. 2) . Trends and challenges (Ch. 3) . Objectives (Ch. 4) Instruments (Ch. 5)
council-conclusions-on-the-commission strategy to 2018.pdf
EU Council
Council conclusions on the commission communication on the strategic goals and recommendations for the EU’s maritime transport policy until 2018. HAVING regard to the essential objectives of the European Sustainable Transport Policy and the overarching objectives in the Integrated Maritime Policy; RECALLING that over 90% of world trade is carried by sea, that shipping and related maritime transport services represent an important contribution to the European economy, that European Union shipping and related services are essential for European competitiveness, that maritime transport has a direct impact on the quality of life in Europe and that Short Sea Shipping, is an essential part of the multimodal European transport system and door-to-door logistics; UNDERLINING that the European Union has an interest in promoting safe, secure and efficient shipping in cleaner oceans and that the European maritime transport administrations and the European shipping industry have achieved significant progress in maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment;
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