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  Pension_Fund Investment_In Infrastructure.pdf
Inderst G., OECD Working Paper
Pension Funds have also shown interest in exposing themselves to infrastructure investments. Such investments cover a wide range of projects - from economic infrastructure such as transport, to social projects such as hospitals and involve different forms of financing (debt or equity; private or listed, etc.)
Infrastructure_Funds PwC.pdf
In this document, the authors look at the key themes across the infrastructure investment lifecycle, exploring recent trends in infrastructure fund-raising and investment, together with looking at the key current issues from funds’ and investors’ perspectives.
Financing Infrastructure in the Global Financial Crisis.pdf
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
Infrastructure to 2030 OECD.pdf
OECD Report
This publication is the final report on the two-year OECD Futures Project “Global Infrastructure Needs: Prospects and Implications for Public and Private Actors”. It presents the main findings and policy recommendations from the project, as well as expert papers that assess the future viability of current business models in electricity, water, rail, road and urban public transport infrastructure sectors.
CRGP Paper Winter 2007.pdf
This article offers three modest contributions upon which we hope other researchers will build. First, it offers a new framing of published evidence concerning the changing patterns of global infrastructure investment.Second, the study presents a fresh interpretation of the PPI dataset that yields a new set of insights regarding the role of local investors and the incidence of public-private co-ownership structures. Finally, the research contributes a set of anecdotally-based observations which may serve as the basis for future investigation into the behavioral profile of the new investors.
EBRD Working Paper 106.pdf
Dobrescu G., Friebel G., Grosjean P., K. Robeck
The paper investigates how contract specificities affect the performance of municipal infrastructure projects in transportation, district heating, water, waste water and solid waste. Using data from projects financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), we look at the effect of involving private parties with different degrees of risk, and involving public parties other than the respective municipality. In particular, central authorities may provide a sovereign guarantee for the funds lent by the Bank. The authors construct two types of performance measures.
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