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  UCTAD Guidelines for Port Privatisation.pdf
There are as many views on privatization as there are port assets that can be privatized. There are as many definitions of privatization as there are port practitioners and experts. In these circumstances, drafting “Guidelines for Port Authorities and Governments on the privatization of port facilities” is a challenge. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that port facilities are crucial tools for facilitating and promoting a country’s external trade and, moreover, represent significant accumulated capital investments. Ports are thus extremely valuable assets for the national economy and hence any changes need to be considered carefully and cautiously. The latter requirement should, however, not be an excuse for inactivity or lack of adaptation; rather, it should be a reason for careful consideration of all options and their consequences. Guidelines for privatization are useful in that they provide a means of better evaluating the potential impact of various alternatives and deciding on the most appropriate procedures.
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