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This study develops an inventory of the reporting transactions carried out by European Sea Ports using their electronic data processing systems. It compiles several types of information about these systems, namely the transactions achieved by the systems; their function and the documents required by those transactions; the authorities and other stakeholders that interact with these systems and how they do it; whether the systems were created by law; the companies that provide and run these systems; the funding of the systems; efficiency of operation and future expectations. The sample was drawn from a list of more than a hundred European ports with diverse traffic, based on the ESPO annual report published in 2008 . Only 12 ports completed the survey and a further 2 ports provided us with web sources where we could find the necessary information. The information is described and analysed in three subsections as follows: • General inventory of all surveyed ports. • Inventory of each particular system by port • Statistical view of the information compiled.
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