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  Taxonomy-selecting global supply chain strategies-2006.pdf
M Christopher et alI International Journal of Logistics Management,
This paper addresses the increasingly important question of supply chain design for global operations. It presents the basis for a taxonomy of appropriate supply chain strategies.
The supply chain design and its implementation POMS 007-0258.pdf
Jesús García-Arca et al University of Vigo
The paper presents the preliminary results of a project undertaken by authors with the aim to determine how the complexity and uncertainty of markets can condition the design of the supply chains, and how some companies can adopt both suitable internal organizational structures (departments involved, level of coordination among them,…) and partners relationships in supply chain management that allow them not only to improve their competitiveness but also improve their leadership in the markets. To do so, in-depth compared analysis of the logistics function and the supply chains in 33 Spanish companies (all of them significant companies in the European markets and in some cases worldwide) of four different sectors (food, fashion clothing, kitchen furniture and stone) is carried out. The methodology used for collecting data is a structured questionnaire in personal interviews with the companies involved.
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