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    Navtech Radar - has developed the AdvanceGuard wide area surveillance system which combines radar technology, CCTV and integrated intelligent software to provide unrivalled threat detection and situation awareness for wide area and perimeter security
CNL Software- is a world leader and global provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated Situation Management for infrastructure applications such as ports and airports..
CNL Software
Inscentinel-its mission is to bring the sniffer bees into fighting terrorism. By combining the design of nature and human advances in technology it has created the most unique sensor that provides the sensitivity of an animal with the ease of use of
OptaSense - supplies perimeter protection and security products based on distributed fibreoptic technology
Decision Sciences Security Solutions - supplies the Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems™ for Nuclear and Radiological Threats in Containers
IndigoVision - supplies complete video security systems for port and container terminals
TagMaster - supplies RFID tags and ID readers for a variety of applications including container positioning and tracking in ports
Avante - Electronic Cargo Tracking System and Solution, Intermodal Real-time Container Tracking and Rail Car Transport Security Tracking System for End-to-End Supply Chain Security System and Tracking Solution
CommerceGuard -provides tamper proof container security devices (CSDs) and smart economica globall container tracking equipment
Geovox Security Inc. - the AVIAN heartbeat detector detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles.
AS&E's - Cargo and Vehicle inspection systems are engineered to provide security personnel with an effective means of detection without disrupting the flow of commerce
AS&E's - Cargo and Vehicle inspection systems are engineered to provide security personnel with an effective means of detection without disrupting the flow of commerce
Armstrong Monitoring - supplies CO2 sensors to detect the presence of humans in confined spaces like shipping containers, enclosed rail cars, etc.
Thales Communications and Security - provides critical infrastructure security systems, for ports etc., urban security systems, IT security systems, Secure ID systems and NRBC systems
Rapiscan - supplies cargo and vehicle inspections systems, baggage and parcel detection systems, including radiation and trace detection equipment
Cotecna - was the first inspection company to invest in high-energy cargo scanning technology to provide services to governments and is by far the most experienced and currently the largest private scanner operator worldwide.
NUCTECH - supply a range of container and freight inspection products including gantry and portal scanners
APS supplies OCR systems which are integrated alongside Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM’s) and controlled by centralized software systems to monitor and scan container traffic. A single scanning lane can process up to 300 containers per hour, scannin
Baltic Scientific Instruments - supplies Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) for fix-installed radiation detection systems designed for automated screening of pedestrians, vehicles and trains passing through the detection zone of RPM for presence of gamm
TSA Systems Limited - supplies detection and monitoring devices for Radioactive and Special Nuclear Materials to the transportation industry
ConTraffic - The ConTraffic web site provides containers tracking and risk assessment services to authorized users
EOS Integrated Systems Limited - offers a fully installed access control and security system that is purpose-designed for individual self storage facilities. Access control is integrated with CCTV surveillance systems and other security equipment for
SightLogix - provides Video Analytics and Thermal Cameras for Perimeter Security
Smiths Detection - develops government regulated advanced technologies used in threat detection equipment to detect and identify constantly evolving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials, contraband and dangerous
Genie CCTV Ltd - manufacture a comprehensive range of CCTV and Access Control equipment, which includes all the elements required for Analogue, Hybrid and IP systems.
Gallagher Security (Europe)- supplies security solutions for ports, airports; command centres, access control, perimeter security, software controlled, business-connected security solutions
EverFocus Electronics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of CCTV cameras, DVRs, access control systems and other CCTV and access control peripherals.
e-Data - supplies IP based embedded access control including biometrics, time attendance/access
Controlsoft - manufacture/distribute a comprehensive range of access control and integrated systems for security installations of virtually any size ­ including cctv and biometric equipment
Bluecard software Technology Co., Ltd is a specialized security & automation provider based on state-of-art RFID technologies.
Alphatronics - is a system integrator and manufacturer of access control systems
Artec ID - provides face recognition systems wich utilise 3-dimensional sesnor technology
ANIXTER Inc. - offers security solutions covering areas such as: Video surveillance, Access control, Network and environmental monitoring, Sound and paging systems, Fire and intrusion products
Touchless Biometrics AG - is a Swiss company offering unique complete biometric solutions for security purposes
TDSi - has successfully delivered access control systemsand CCTV equipment for transport networks across the world
VIRDITECH - is a market leader which develops, markets and distributes award winning Biometric and RFID products for Access Control, Time & Attendance, Door Locks, RFID
APT Security Systems is the leading provider of vehicle access control and traffic management systems in the UK. Also provides CCTV/recognition systems
CEM Systems - are a provider of advanced access control and security management solutions.
GEMALCO - suppliers of e-passport systems and ID equipment worldwide.
Siemens - provides complete security solution including command centres, surveillance systems, perimter protection, intrusion detection, access control, terminal gate and container security solutions
Bosch Security Systems -is a global one-stop shop for high quality integrated security systems, security sensors etc.
Honeywell - supplies security systems including perimeter protection, imaging and scanning equipment, situation awareness systems and systen integration services
ADT - provides access control systems, surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems and system integration services
PCSC supplies completely passive underwater monitoring system that provides detection, localization, classification and tracking of underwater intruders.
Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. is a leader in the development of sonar and its application to underwater security including Diver Detection, Hull Inspection, Berth Inspection
Westminster International Ltd supplies underwater security fencing for ports, harbour oil rigs for maritime security, cargo/vehicle X-ray scanners
Westminster International Ltd supplies underwater security fencing for ports, harbour oil rigs for maritime security, cargo/vehicle X-ray scanners
Saab offers solutions for maritime security, underwater surveillance caoable of integration into a network centric environment
DSIT - supplies underwater surveillance and detection systems
PierPASS is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in 2005 to address multi-terminal issues such as congestion, security and air quality
FLIR proivdes State-of-the-art surveillance & detection sensors provide advanced warning before a threat crosses a perimeter .
Panasonic offers a broad range of cameras and security surveillance solutions that benefit from high megapixel sensors, optical and digital zooms, wide dynamic ranges and auto tracking - making Panasonic products a good port of call
Swann Security offers quality security monitoring products
Mobotix is one of the best manufacturers of high-resolution video systems
PortVision -maritime business systems that enhance efficiency, reduce cost, and increase safety and security such as Dock Management Systems, Vessel Tracking Systems.
CAMCO gate automation systems powerful and modular automation systems and solutions for gate operations with higher throughput rates for trucks, trains, containers and trailers
automated gate, crane and rail systems, marine terminal automation including GCS (Global Control Systems
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