Related Products for Postal Security
    Field Forensics - support hundreds of police, military and security organizations in detecting, analyzing and defeating explosive and other threats
Prime Vision is the only OCR developer in the world to be focused on the parcels, flats and letters market. All its OCR solutions are developed in-house and involve no recurring costs or licence fees.
SOLYSTIC SAS - has 60 years experience in the postal business. It designs, manufactures, installs and supports equipment for the processing of letters and flats. As a turnkey supplier for the whole facility, it provides the engineering, performs simu
OnAsset Intelligence, Inc - The SENTRY FlightSafe is a wireless asset tracking and sensing device that monitors the temperature; pressure; humidity;shock & vibration, light; motion and thelocation of assets transported via air cargo, truck, rail, o
OnAsset’s SENTRY FlightSafe is a wireless
Navtech Radar - has developed the AdvanceGuard wide area surveillance system which combines radar technology, CCTV and integrated intelligent software to provide unrivalled threat detection and situation awareness for wide area and perimeter security
Inscentinel-its mission is to bring the sniffer bees into fighting terrorism. By combining the design of nature and human advances in technology it has created the most unique sensor that provides the sensitivity of an animal with the ease of use of
3DX-RAYLtd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for the security and industrial inspection markets including airpirts, ports and mail screening -
Royal Mail Ltd - provides services such as Secure Mail Opening – screening for harmful items and can also supply equipment to businesses
Promail - can provide secure mail solutions using a number of different reading systems to suit any purpose within a mailing operation, using cameras which can read almost anything; from barcodes to OMR marks, or OCR characters to 2D images.
DualDraw Homeland - specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized downdraft filtration equipment used for mail screening, people screening, and vehicle screening.
Scanna - offer 3 types of screening systems for checking incoming mail and parcels: •Electronic mailscanners for automatic detection of postal bomb components •Cabinet X-ray machines for “seeing inside” mail, packages and parcels
Cambridge Consultants - Product Developers & Technology Consultants low-cost sensors and platforms for tracking parcels and goods in transit
Mobile Screening for postal security
AS&E's - Cargo and Vehicle inspection systems are engineered to provide security personnel with an effective means of detection without disrupting the flow of commerce
Honeywell - supplies security systems including perimeter protection, imaging and scanning equipment, situation awareness systems and systen integration services
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