Related Products for Sensor technology combined RFID to monitor shipments and transport units
    SMARTRAC - is the technology leader inthe global RFID industry supplying RFID transponders, antennas, chips and processors for the security and logistics sectors
Avante - Electronic Cargo Tracking System and Solution, Intermodal Real-time Container Tracking and Rail Car Transport Security Tracking System for End-to-End Supply Chain Security System and Tracking Solution
CommerceGuard -provides tamper proof container security devices (CSDs) and smart economica globall container tracking equipment
Thales Communications and Security - provides critical infrastructure security systems, for ports etc., urban security systems, IT security systems, Secure ID systems and NRBC systems
iControl - provides sensors for monitoring container content, tags for tracking container positions, electronic padlocks that add external security to tracking, and communication gateways that transmit data from the container to a user interface enab
IR Telmetrics - supplies container security systems. Using patented microwave data telemetry and a combination of GPS and inertial navigation, the IRT components will track and monitor shipping containers
Bluecard software Technology Co., Ltd is a specialized security & automation provider based on state-of-art RFID technologies.
VIRDITECH - is a market leader which develops, markets and distributes award winning Biometric and RFID products for Access Control, Time & Attendance, Door Locks, RFID
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